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Upperity Digital Signature

Upperity Sign works as an extension of your electronic document management system or as a solution that you can integrate into your SaaS, desktop, or mobile application. Upperity Sign works as a standalone or integrated feature in your data management and governance solution.

Our solution has been designed to ensure the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents, transactions, processes, and communications.

Combined with Upperity ID, this digital signature solution provides a secure and efficient way to verify the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents and communications and the digital identity of the signee, the sender, and the recipient.

In this digital age, the use of a digital signature is increasingly important to protect the integrity of your documents and assure their authenticity throughout their lifecycle.

Key benefits

01. Authenticity:
Upperity Sign helps verify the identity of the signee ad the sender, ensuring that the document or communication is not fraudulent.

02. Integrity:
Upperity Sign provides a way to ensure that the content of a document or communication has not been altered or tampered with in transit.

03. Non-repudiation:
Upperity Sign provides proof that the signee or the sender has signed the document, making it difficult for them to deny later that they did not sign it.

04. Efficiency:
Upperity Sign streamlines business processes by eliminating the need for physical signatures, reducing paper usage, and the time and cost associated with mailing documents.

05. Legal compliance:
Upperity Sign provides a legally binding alternative to physical signatures when laws and regulations require certain documents to be signed and authenticated.

Why consider Upperity Sign

  • Because of its security model: Upperity Sign uses strong encryption and hashing algorithms to protect documents and communications against attacks that could compromise the signature’s authenticity and integrity. This is a critical factor to consider when it’s time to choose the right digital signature for your organization.
  • Because of its authentication methods: Upperity Sign uses a cryptographic key pair and Upperity ID as methods for authenticating the identity of the signer. These methods guarantee the signer is the person who is pretending to be when he/she signed the document. In addition, the metadata of the signature context and the document are recorded in the Upperity blockchain to ensure the persistence of the information and allow proof of it over time.
  • Because of the non-repudiation of the signature: The digital certificate used by the signer and affixed to the document provide a way to prove that the signature was generated by the signer and that the document or the message has not been tampered with since the signature was applied.
  • Because of its versatility: Upperity Sign has been designed to integrate with governance and document management systems. It is easily integrated and offers a complete SDK to do so.

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