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Upperity Secure Connexion

Simplify and secure your users’ data through value-added account creation and authentication processes.

SECURES the personal and confidential information of customers and partners to comply with privacy laws.

ENSURES optimal management and authentication of users, professionals, or individuals, through a KYC process that utilizes advanced facial liveness detection to verify that a user is a real person.

GUARANTEES that organizations will grant their customers, employees and partners 100% secure remote access to confidential documents and personal data, based on their Digital Identity.

$10.5 billion
annually in cybercrime
damage by 2025.

Upperity Secure Tier Server

A decentralized privacy-oriented architecture Data Center to protect your personal data and confidential documents.

SECURES your confidential and personal information by adopting an inside-out approach and building
your data management solution entirely out of outsourced services directly on your premises.

REDUCES the cost and complexity of working in the cloud with personal and confidential data due to obligations imposed by privacy laws.

GUARANTEES the security of your data, professional backups of your data, and the availability of a disaster recovery plan for your data in case of an issue with the Secure Tier Server.

Nearly 2/3
of midsize organizations have suffered a ransomware attack in the past 18 months. Even more concerning is that 20% of them spent at least $250,000 to recover from it.

Upperity Sign

An advanced digital signature to protect your identity and documents from fraud.

SECURES the KYC, KYS, KYT, and KYP processes. Our solution is fully integrated to meet all compliance
needs depending on the industry and countries in which you operate.

ENSURES the protection of the identity of your customers and your documents against fraud, whether the user is an individual or a professional, sworn or not, and regardless of nationality.

GUARANTEES the management of the complete life cycle of your documents, even those signed with other e-signature solutions.

of business leaders believe
their cybersecurity risks are

Upperity was designed to protect the personal information of its users and to enable users to retain the sovereignty of their identity.

Upperity meets the needs of organizations seeking a solution to the obligations imposed by privacy laws and who want to integrate specific measures to ensure the protection of personal information and their corporate documents.

Faced with the ubiquity and interconnection of information systems on the one hand, and the increase and sophistication of threats on the other, cybersecurity has become a vital necessity for our modern societies.

This new generation of risks needs a new generation of solutions to stay compliant with laws and key regulations related to document management, privacy and confidential information, and risk management.

Uppertity is the solution:

FOR YOU who want to share sensitive documents with your customers, suppliers, and partners.

FOR YOU who want to sign documents and protect their integrity throughout their lifecycle, keep them in a highly secure server while controlling your budget.

FOR YOU who want to comply with privacy laws when verifying an individual requesting access to its personal information.

FOR YOU who want to develop privacy-by-design applications and solutions and facilitate access to information based on digital identity.